Santhosh Pandit Comedy

santhosh pandit comedy ;making somebody  laugh  sontosh pandit invented his  own style ,his specific style. It is not a copy or absorbed repetition of what we   watched earlier. It can’t classify to a particular only exist here as pundit’s special till this world  remains. There were time  Charlie Chaplin adapted his way of comedy  it took many peoples attention. But later many directors and actors tried to carryon chaplines intentional comedy .Young directors from many part including high named moneymaking directors  of Malayalam film industry captured the same moves and tried ways  with different actors to copy Chaplin’s method .Without a typical realization people laughed, only laughed  but no body can categorize as it somebody’s own .These things changed when it comes to Santhosh pundit ; they categorized, characterized as Santhosh Pandit’s comedy .Make a check what pandit designed in  chienjeevi IPS . sequence that shown the emergence of humor in between the shots not only in dialogue but also through the right move . The sequence itself proved that it is  apt to watch .His movies and the humor therein are lessens for the youngsters who are serious watchers of movies that a single man handling his own method to prove that he is something special in mollywood.  I CAN DO THAT DO CAN I THAT  just search it belong to what genre?  Definitely can say it’s Santhosh pandits special. Laugher is the best medicine as far as the medicines are concerned belly laughing is  a better technic as far as the mystics are concerned .But for movie watchers  better  stay there with  Santhosh pandit.Simply make a move and watch the comedy sequences in KALIDASAN KADHAYEZHUTHUMBOL.

Comedy scenes in Krishnanumradhayum are fun creators  just leap from one scene to another make tap of it.santhosh pandit collected elements prime for his movies from  something that quiet  relevance to his heart rather than that hyper active in box office.