Give SABARIMALA to Tamilnadu or Karnataka – Santhosh Pandit


Dear  friends,
All news channels are competing for live news telecast from Sabarimala. Many of the medias have hurt the emotions of true believers in many talk shows and has failed to report the real protests and emotions of the believers protesting for Sabarimala issue over a number of days.

In my opinion, To protect Sabarimala and its customs the temple needs to be shut down (even for a indefinte period). Tantri has the power to do so, I believe.

If control of Sabarimala administration is taken off from Devaswam Board, all problems might end.

And if Sabarimala was given to Tamil nadu or Karnataka, they would have respected all the customs and rituals of Sabarimala Temple and would have done it like Palani,Tirupati and Mookambika temples..