Superstar Rajani Kanth gives full support to Sabari Mala Believers

Ernakulam:- Santhosh Pandit thanked to Superstar Rajani Kanth for his great support to the believers… Rajani Kanth gives full support to the believers of Sabari Mala.. According to him he too believes  that current rituals is to be continued.. And there is no need to change the existing ancient customs and tradition … Before  women from the age of 10 to 50  was not permitted to enter inside the temple.. Now the honorable Supreme court has given order permitting entry of women to the temple  in the age group of 10-50yrs…
Santhosh Pandit expressed his gratitude to these kind of supports which are very important… Last day he commented that Sabarimala temple may be given to Tamil Nada Government ..It was widely accepted and welcomed by the Keralites..

For the last few days,  Kerala has been witnessing protest against the entry of girls and women from the age 10 to 50..

According to Rajani Kanth,  temple traditions are being followed for a long time,  every temple has its own rituals besides traditions..

He also expressed that he is also believing in Equality of the women..
But  more caution should be exercised in the matter of religion and rituals..