Full credit to ayyappa devotees for the vow to abide by tradition – santhosh pandit

Kochin:- Santhosh Pandit gives full credit to the devotees of God Ayyappa. He thanked them all for the effort they had put in and not allowing any women to enter Sabarimala temple.
The Temple was closed after the Thulam pooja..

The Swami devotees ignored the heavy rain, food and even lost their sleep to protect the Dharma.

Pandit also expressed gratitude to the Super stars Rajani Kanth and Sarath Kumar from Tamil Nadu.. They have already given their full support to the devotees for protecting the rituals..

Pandit told that Janam TV was the only channel who had given full support to the devotees.. And most of the other channels tried to make fun of this agitation even from the start.. They hardly gave the news of Nama japa Dharna started after the Court Verdict..

He also gave salute to the people from other religions who supported to this agitation..

He requested the devotees that they should continue to show this togetherness in each and every issues. Don’t be divided by castes and creed.
Swami saranam
By Santhosh Pandit