Santhosh Pandit Interview

Interviewing Santhosh pandit is not a problematic  one .It  is as simple  as  a  free flowing rap song of Will smith .For getting it just make  link9886    there are top charted interviews in the beginning of  his career in movie field  for instances  the  talks on subjects in sreekandan nair show.Just like star soccer ball player trebled and tackled  famous journalist questions of  report channel. In 2017 he had expressed his vital observations of life and politics ;asianet interview. He faced thrashing questions from  many Malayalee actors and technicians but he held in high. Many people from many walks of  life had opinion ed their views particularly marketing of the movie  in news and interviews. On an interview telecasted in kau udy tv is other typical example. Group of women interviewed him  was  the specialty. kairali malayala m cross fire is another example . English song that he sang in an inter vew of kailraly channel  is noted on e. de pinneyum pundit in seat inter vier I n mangal channel.a show in mazha vil manioram, with renjini show in we channel are  some of the beautiful moments that Malayalee experienced with this dynamic artist. Many many things may happen in feature too because the room for improvement is the vastest room in the world just maintain these links  and it will refresh your thinking patterns and opinions .no need to astonish there  may be a time That Santhosh pundit sharing his views  with Stephen sakur in BBC . so simply tune your temper add watch what is next from him.