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Santhosh pandit; now we can say that he is becoming a pundit in Indian movie section with his twisted story telling methods starting from his masterpiece krishnanum raadhayum. His method of movie making is entirely different from the main stream and the story telling is based on some simple and tactical approach. His fame is continuously increasing in Malayalam film industry due to the reason that he recently shared a role with mega star mammootty  the film is tittle as masterpiece. High handsome, luxury in glamour are term to be something that light men in to this particular arena but creativity has played very crucial role for this man in to a new frame and out look to the Malayalam film industry that itself contributed a pave line for new gen movies .A program that had made moon-full connection to him to the mini screen viewers is malayaalee house that showed his commitment to the matters of issues that have sting to the society. Yes  ,why he opted such a show  is still a contentious discussion  among his fans. History of Malayalam movie industry had cited very few actors like santhosh.  malayaali film viewers has  rigid opinion and ideas of their own  but they  are being placed this man as something special to their heart and reasonability. l He already had scripted and acted  8  movies each one have its own mark in the industry ie

Krishnanum Radhayum released  in the year 2011,

santhosh pandit movies

superstar santhosh pundit [ 2012,

Minimoludeachan & Kalidasan kavithayezhuthukayaanu[2014]

tintumon enna kodeeswaran [2016]  that had given much emphasis to the character  tintumon, Neelimanallakuttiyaanu vs chirangeevi IPS[2017]


broker premachandrante leelavilasangal[2019]

apart from these movies he had acted  oru cinemakkaran [2017] charecter as him self , masterpiece [2017] role as a college peon and ahalya. Co actors vineethsreenivasan, Mammooty and Sonia agraval respectively.